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BC Chito Kai supports all members of the provincial association and continues its long history of contributing towards the cost of clinics, guest instructors and assisting small dojos. This support is available to all member dojos. The goal remains to increase the skills and knowledge of all Chito Ryu students in British Columbia.

Chito Ryu History

Over 30 years representing British Columbia

BC Chito Kai has been active in British Columbia for over 30 years as a not-for-profit association dedicated to the Chito Ryu discipline of Karate and currently oversees approximately 500 registered members. The focus of the association is to promote and maintain a high standard of Chito Ryu Karate throughout the Province of British Columbia. The emphasis is on technical knowledge with individual clubs having a safe, supportive environment where students of all ages and gender can enjoy training.

BC Chito Kai is committed to understanding and propagating the karate-do of its founder, O-Sensei Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose and to his son, the second generation Soke, Tsuyoshi (Yasuhiro) Chitose. Chito Ryu is considered the first karate style in Canada. Over the years, many senior Chito Ryu members started their own versions of the style. At one time BC Chito Kai acknowledged these splinter groups but today the association only recognizes those instructors and dojos with direct lineage to the Chitose family. Outside of Japan, BC Chito Kai is the oldest Provincial or State Chito Ryu organization recognized by the International Chito Ryu Karate-do Federation.

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