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The Senpai Julie Inspirational Award

The Senpai Julie Inspirational Award is dedicated to Senpai Julie Desmarais from Westbank BC. Senpai Julie was a Nidan who began training in 1983 and has shown her dedication to the style of Chito Ryu through her drive and determination.

This Award is an annual bursary bestowed to a member of BC Chito Kai. Members are required to train for a minimum of 2 years. Nominations are accepted in letterform from one member about another. The executive committee will select the athlete and then contact the chosen member. The bursary is $400 to be used for any Karate function (clinics, equipment, tournaments or training dues).

For further information please contact your Sensei.

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The BC Chito Kai Athlete of the Year

The BC Chito Kai Athlete of the Year trophy is given to an athlete who has competed at, and excelled at the Provincial, National and International levels. This award is presented annually at the Chito Ryu Friendship Tournament.

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